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Enterprise culture:  collaboration, responsibility, implementation, learning,happiness



First, in collaboration with people: do our best to work with our colleagues in order to avoid making mistakes. 

Second, in collaboration with nature: to achieve harmony between human and nature:  through not making poor products, as well as saving resource.


First, the matter relating to the company benefit is also a matter to me. 

Second, the mistakes of subordinate is also my mistake. 


First, do not make same mistake twice, a little bit of progress every day.

Second, keep cup empty, which means reset everyday.


Work and live happily. 


Make sure that we did our best rather than just did perfunctorily.


Enterprise mission: to be a world-class equipment vendor in electrical power industry.

Business philosophy: adopting valuable contributions to society and the workforce to obtain a return; after obtained a return, continue to improve the work environment and life quality of staff.

Quality concept: Take the requirement of customers as our start point.

Concept of human resources: Only morality and capability matters rahter than seniority, education or age.